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Exhibition reviewed in Lancet Oncology

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My exhibition at St David Coffee House has been reviewed in this month’s Lancet Oncology. The Lancet Oncology is a specialty journal produced by the Lancet, “one of the world’s best known, oldest, and most respected general medical journals” (Wikipedia).

The work is still on show at the moment so do recommend heading on down to Forest Hill for a nice coffee, perhaps on the way to the interesting and odd Horniman Museum!

“Peirce’s linocut work shows derelict high rises and ominous skies in luminous colours, starkly contrasted by the skeletal silhouettes of black trees and branches. The paintings are highly textured, a result of the artist’s use of a palette knife to apply paint. They show washed-out buildings with seemingly melting edges. Beautiful, yet toxic-looking, both linocuts and paintings almost ooze radioactivity.”

Lancet Oncology September 2013Lancet Oncology Zachary Peirce Chernobyl Exhibition Review


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